know me

Well you’ve found me, The Harlem Yuppie. Here are a few things you probably should know before embarking upon this great blog quest. Q&A format sound good?


  1. What made you start this blog?
    Unemployment mostly. I needed something to keep me busy and distract me from the feeling of worthlessness that tends to follow being fired. Though I am happily employed now, I try my best to update this blog as best I can.
  2. Why “Harlem Yuppie”? Where does the name come from?
    I worked at GAP all through college and got promoted after graduation to be an assistant manager at Rockefeller Center. I went with an almost all-male clientele to working with women, which was different. I got talking to one of my female customers one day and she asked me where I lived. When I said Harlem, she said “Oh you’re one of those Yuppies taking over”. Even back in 2009! The name doesn’t just mean an outsider coming in and taking over but I like to think it also signifies two faces of the same coin. A conversation between seemingly unreconcilable world views.
  3. Who are you outside of this blog?
    I’m a thirty-something professional working in the chasm between journalism and PR. I graduated from NYU (early, but I don’t brag about it). I’m a closet geek and out fashionista. On the exterior, I am all about costume jewelry, nice jeans, loud colors and awesome shoes but when I come home and take of my wingtips, I sit down and play Nintendo while obsessing about upcoming smartphone launches. Oh, and I also LOVE cooking, crafting, and general homesteading.
  4. What is your aspiration in life?
    My inspiration in life is…to be happy. No seriously, I want to help anyone who takes the time to read me. If I can make someone think about something that they otherwise wouldn’t have, I have succeeded. It’s hard for us to keep track of everything happening in an increasingly busy world. Things like international affairs like the UN or the Middle East; domestic issues like health care and military spending; and even other things like history, crafts, cooking, and more . I’m doing these things anyway, so why not share what I learn with you all? I love to learn and share.

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