The promise of the future and the reality of the present #NYPC2013

Yours truly and my NYPC2013 tablemates
Courtesy of the New York Press Club Foundation

This past Saturday, I attended the 21st annual New York Press Club Foundation Conference on Journalism. Though it it’s a fairly small gathering, it was a beautiful sight to see journalists young and old getting together to talk the profession. The theme was the potential of social media in reporting and disseminating the news. During the plenary session, there was talk of geotagging, crowdsourcing, and tweeting until an eager audience member had something to say. To a round of hardy applause, 60 year journalist veteran and WNBC senior correspondent Gabe Pressman made sure to remind all in attendance that no matter what technological innovations come around there is no replacement for old-fashioned, shoes on the ground journalism. Though it was easy for many of the younger digital natives in the room, including myself, to dismiss what seemed like the technophobic ramblings of an old blow-hard, he had a point. A point that came back throughout the rest of the conference.
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Fair and Balanced Reporting Often Means Seeing Two Perspectives…

Image Courtesy of Politico

…Even if they’re from the same publication! Going through my Twitter feed this morning, I saw a Politico tweet that asked “What’s wrong with President Obama?”. Just before clicking into it to get insight from the other side I saw a tweet that then asked “And what’s right with President Obama?” I was surprised to find that both articles were written by the same people who were able to offer their critiques and praise of the President. Though they both touched on similar points, it was refreshing to see these articles promoted side by side by Politco. As I like to say, the truth is never on one side but always in the middle. But apparently being gray can be a bad thing so read on, educate yourselves and make your own opinions. As of this writing, “Right ” is number one on Politico and “Wrong” is number “three.

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Past2Present: Protecting the Press

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free it expects what never was and never will be….The people cannot be safe without information. Where the press is free, and every man able to read, all is safe”. – Thomas Jefferson to Charles Yancey, 1816, Jefferson,The Jeffersonian Cyclopedia (1900) pp 605, 727

Bill to protect journalists clears Senate panel
The Senate Judiciary Committee approves a media shield bill to keep ‘real reporters’ from having to testify on their work.

shopping days

A good friend of mine recently re-ignited my love of thrift shopping. So much good stuff out there to be had! Today I stopped by Monk in the village by Washington Square Park after having Sha Thukpa at Cafe Himalaya and delicious Lemon Panna Cotta from Otto. Check out what I got!

IMG_00000075This is a pretty standard navy blue wool cardigan but the fun part is that the front and the elbow patches are grey suede! I immediately latched on to this and best of all? Sweaters were 50% off!


And just for fun, I got these chrome sunglasses. These are going to be the best when I’m in Belize later this week!


I also recently got a tuxedo jacket with tails and a fur wrap. Can not wait to rock these two together.

subway etiquette: check yo self before ya wreck yo self

I was in the middle of writing a post about the Israel invasion of Gaza and “something caught my eye. A growing epidemic…that really ain’t fly”. No ladies and gents, I’m not talking about camel toe but VPL. This stands for Visible Penis Line. This is the male equivalent of camel toe and it simply is not cute, it’s embarrassing.

As exciting as this can be to spot, those feelings quickly fade away to the thought that this gentleman will be like this the whole day. In this city, there will be hundreds of people who will gaze at it and give thought to his genitals. Perhaps he is aware of his display but I always like to give the benefit of the doubt.
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