The Present, Past, and Future of Foreign Reporting

Many moons ago, it is said there was a magical time when million dollar bureaus, private planes, fancy dinners, cigar smoking in corner offices, security details, and even tanks (at least according to a former news magazine editor I had breakfast with) were de rigueur for any news reporting outlet worth it’s salt. This was in an age where millions of people had no choice but to pay for their news and advertisers no choice but to plead for people to buy their goods. What were people going to do? Steal newspapers? As we are all aware, those days are long gone thanks to the age of the Internet. Are we to just abandon all coverage of news that doesn’t happen in our backyard? Rely on those already sprawling wire services? Make partnerships with foreign news outlets? If you attended the well attended “What In The World?” panel at the NYU Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute on Wednesday evening, none of these Plan Bs were even mentioned.


Amy O’Leary of the New York Times moderated a panel featuring Louise Roug [Mashable], Miriam Elder [Buzzfeed,] and Jason Mojica [Vice News]. These are three of a group of up and coming media darlings that their peers can’t seem to stop talking about due to their relative success charting the way in the murky swamp that is digital news and, more importantly, revenue streams.

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Fair and Balanced Reporting Often Means Seeing Two Perspectives…

Image Courtesy of Politico

…Even if they’re from the same publication! Going through my Twitter feed this morning, I saw a Politico tweet that asked “What’s wrong with President Obama?”. Just before clicking into it to get insight from the other side I saw a tweet that then asked “And what’s right with President Obama?” I was surprised to find that both articles were written by the same people who were able to offer their critiques and praise of the President. Though they both touched on similar points, it was refreshing to see these articles promoted side by side by Politco. As I like to say, the truth is never on one side but always in the middle. But apparently being gray can be a bad thing so read on, educate yourselves and make your own opinions. As of this writing, “Right ” is number one on Politico and “Wrong” is number “three.

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why i’m voting for @barackobama

*Everything below is purely my opinion and is not meant to demean the beliefs or political leanings of any readers. Just my thoughts.

As any person with a brain and access to the internet knows, we are in yet another political cycle. It doesn’t feel like four years have passed since the last presidential election. Last time it was pretty clear who would be winning but this time most people are not sure. Some believe the president could lose because he’s soft on defense, the health care law is unpopular, he spends too much money or because he’s black. It’s a lot of these things but his biggest downfall could be apathy of his voting base.

As far as I am concerned, a no show for Obama is a vote for Romney. In short, this post is about how not voting is worse than voting. I’ll try not to get too preachy because that can be infinitely exhausting.

I am a statistic in this campaign. A young person who enthusiastically voted for the President in ’08 and is much less so in ’12. I don’t see how we could be as excited. We’re much to fickle of a people to get that riled up about the same person twice. But there are lot of reasons to continue this administration.

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the new kids on the block

It has been said, and I’ve mentioned it before, that this country is undergoing massive amounts of change. Not only on our face but deep within us.

It is the reason that there is so much political discourse and upheaval happening. We don’t know what to do or what direction to go in.

This article from the Washington Post details how jobs are coming to the US. Surprisingly, they aren’t coming from the US government but from Germany. Luxury German auto manufacturer, BMW, has been hiring up hundreds of factory workers all over for around $14-15 an hour. These jobs are going to an unexpected crowd of bachelor and master’s holding people who have been among the most desperate in this recession.

This news hit me even more after reading through Bloomberg Businessweek’s recent feature on post-war modern Germany. The country has made amazing leaps and bounds and is without a doubt, the most powerful country in Europe. Should they continue on this track, they will most certainly be a force to be reckoned with on the world stage. (Not that they aren’t now)

In fact, its already been happening. There’s been a lot of hubbub surrounding Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner‘s fight with China and Europe (Germany) about their monetary policy. Basically put, if China were to let their currency increase in value then the US recovery would be quickened by a lessening of trade gaps and such. You know what they said? That’s right…no.

Germany and China don’t see much value in re-valuing their currencies now that the US is on a lower rung on the ladder. This isn’t necessarily bad but is definitely a slap to many American egos.

Yet another reason I continue to support President Obama’s foreign policy of talking with as oppose to down to our colleagues on the global stage. Why? Because we will never again be the one and only superpower on the block. It just can’t be. Our precious free enterprise system would never allow it. Countries like China, India, Brazil and South Africa are benefiting from our free market ideals and no longer need our dominance or help.