great blogs #3

In my everyday work, I come across hundreds of new blogs and journalists that I follow who are doing great work. You all know how fascinated I am by the growing relevance of the Middle East and this blog is my cup of tea. It is called The Majlis and it bills itself as a place that serves as ” a clearinghouse for unbiased Middle East news, analysis and commentary in an age when traditional journalism is shrinking and Americans are missing out on news from the region. It’s a site for people to learn about and discuss current events in the Middle East, delivered in a frank and non-partisan fashion.” I LOVE IT.

The two men who write it, Greg and Evan, are journalists for Al Jazeera English currently based in Doha, Qatar. This means that they are living right in the thick of it (unlike yours truly). I’ll be sure to follow these two quite closely. Keep up the good work gentlemen.


hopscotching foursquare

Foursquare is a location based social networking game. It awards points and badges for “checking in” to places like restaurants, bars and hotels. If you check in more than anyone, you become the “Mayor”, which gives a fancy title, bragging rights and sometimes real world rewards like discounts or gifts.

I have been a fairly avid player of this game up until last night when a spark went off. I finally became “The Mayor” of a martini bar in the East Village called Simone. Not only was I told that I knocked someone else from that pedestal but I realized I had to work to keep it.
The game was serving its purpose by encouraging me to go out and “check in”. I thought, “Why am I so happy? Its not a real title. Nobody at the bar knows. I probably won’t get anything out of it”. I do however get that title and for many people that means a lot. Its ok. You don’t have to tell me that I fell for the gimmick of it all. I don’t care…I’m the mayor!

I’m special now. Not only did I become more active on Foursquare but it made me want to go to my bar even more often than before to keep my title. Very sneaky Foursquare…very sneaky. Now if only they could do something with those damn points.

the reason why facebook may never die

The inevitable has happened. Our love affair with Facebook has ended. How interesting that this comes at a time when the class of 2010, one of the largest Facebook classes, has graduated from college. The wave of protest has called Facebook evil , information mongering sell outs.

This occurrence was not unforseen. Facebook had to make money somehow and the only collateral it had was peoples information. Thus, they had no choice but to sell that information for ad and research money. This coupled with creator Mark Zuckerberg’s now famed disregard for any semblance of privacy, is now threatening to cause a mass exodus from the social networking giant.

Of course it’s easy enough to say you will cancel your account. It only takes one click of the button. But clicking that button comes with a number of hard decisions. Ones like losing contact with many people that you may actually stay in contact with, losing the ability to share your photos and life with good friends and the ability to make new relationships. You may think, “I can just call/text/Skype/tweet with people if I want to stay in touch”, but let’s be honest, it is not the same. We are a social networking crowd now, we communicate via the web in status updates, pictures and videos. Myspace and Facebook have without a doubt evolved the way we communicate and there is no going back.

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is that what im supposed to look like?

Disclosure: I watch an insane amount of kids/teen designated programming…and I love it.

Specifically Spongebob Squarepants and iCarly. But that doesn’t matter for this post.

What has been catching my attention lately is Nicks new show Big Time Rush. A show that follows four 16 year old friends from Minnesota and their attempt at making it big in the music industry in LA.

I thought these boys looked really mature so I find upon looking them up that they are all between 19 and 21 years old. Is it right for this to be the case?
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