an apple a day

Apple has been in the news quite often these days. One could almost say they are the news. In 2010 alone they’ve sold a million iPads, sued and been sued, lost an iPhone prototype then got it back and have announced their entrance into the ad space. Apple seems to be in place to become the “man” rather than the underdog. Its quite sad when people can feel pity for Microsoft.

Behind Apples meteoric rise to this success are the millions of Apple customers who have proven their loyalty with every announcement and product launch. What is interesting is that these same people is what has caused Apple to become so “evil”.

I’ll begin with the “Mac-heads”. They are an affluent bunch and are decision makers. They are convinced that the product they are using is superior in a number of ways and they are not afraid to preach it. They are also not afraid to criticize those who do not fall in rank. I should know, I was one of them until quite recently.

Full Disclosure: I own a Macbook. I love it to death. Apple has designed some of the most beautiful and intuitive tech products in existence. I will NOT argue this point.

What I have to call into question for the less tech inclined crowd that people are become horrified by Apple’s business practices and company culture.

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my palm may never know this palm

When Palm released its Web OS line-up of phones in 2009, the tech world was vastly impressed with how the formerly dying company could shake up the already heated smart phone race. I myself was very interested in a Palm offering, however, I had the same reservations as everyone else about buying a Palm phone. The phone designs aren’t the best and there wasn’t a lot of choice.

In the world of Nexus One and iPhone, people wanted to see Web OS on a large beautiful screen that would maximize the experience of using the phone. Even Blackberry has perfected the marriage between its OS and its phones.

Why does this matter? Well, because these simple concerns are causing the company to sink quickly. The tech world is ablaze with rumors of the long time mobile company being sold. A favorite contender is Taiwanese based mobile company, HTC, who may be looking to strengthen its case against Apple’s terrorist strong handing. In the best situation, Palm would license its software. Similarly to what Google does with Android. Either way, Palm better do something to change course ASAP. Hopefully, I will still be able to use WebOS because I will do it.

in other, less ipaddy news

I don’t know about you all but I am ill of the iPad already. This is what I am actually more excited about. Microsoft’s Courier Digital Journal. Although it is not actually confirmed as a real product yet, the tech world is fairly confident that this will see the light of day.

It is similar to the iPad in that it is closer to being a mobile device than a computer. That’s about where the similarities end. The Courier seems to emphasize creation of content as opposed to consumption of it, although there is no doubt you will be able to read ebooks and browse the web on this.

The interface and form factor are gorgeous and it actually has a camera (yay!). I’ve been intrigued by Microsoft lately, so we’ll see if the iPad’s release has lit a fire under Microsoft’s ass to speed this up and get it out to a tech savvy and Apple weary public (Me). Click the pic to see some more pics and vids.

i’m excited about zune phone?!?

You read right. My interest is actually piqued by the idea of the “Zune Phone“, which could be making it’s debut by the end of the month. Why you ask? If you’ve ever played with the touchscreen Zune HD, you’ll know why. The interface is GORGEOUS! And if Microsoft takes interface cues for at least 65% of the phone, I will definitely love it.

PS: HAPPY FEBRUARY!!!! Guess who’s turning 22 this month? Not Miley Cyrus but ME!!!

saab’s sob story is far from over

Over the past year, Swedish car manufacturer Saab has been having a lot of problems. They ran the gamut from bad management to underinvestment which caused the brand to bleed money for years.

Current owner, General Motors, was attempting to sell off the tainted goods but failed to close a sale. Numerous buyers had stepped up but ultimately didn’t buy due to breakdowns in negotiations.

Fortunately for Saab and General Motors, they finalized a deal with Dutch based sports car maker Spyker.

Unfortunately for Spyker, Saab will take a lot of work to make the business viable again and no one really knows where to go with it.

Best of luck to everyone involved. It’s always great for long-lived brands to come out of the dumps and be successful again.