on bullying and ignorance

From my dear brother and greatest ally, Matthew Mercier

” And whereas the theme of school safety is being used as a pretext to advance a much broader agenda, the legitimization of homosexuality and related conduct to impressionable school children
And whereas the Anoka Hennepin school board is considering removing the protective sexual orientation curriculum policy, an action that undermines the academic focus of this district and open the door to pro-homosexual and related conduct materials in the school curriculum thereby exposing students to concepts hostile to there religious faith and/or moral conviction
And whereas school officials would be liable for violating parental rights by subjecting a child to homosexual and related conduct indoctrination
And whereas the Supreme Court in Meyer v Nebraska has held that parents’ right to direct the moral upbringing and education of their children is one of the most fundamental of all rights and a failure to abide by parental rights can result in liability for damages both the the school district” (Link to Article)

—————- His response and thoughts…

First, why is there a need to legitimize homosexuality? It exists. People don’t choose to be homosexual anymore than I chose to be Mexican. It exists in nature in various animals, just look up gay penguins. I don’t ask that you accept it. What you believe is what you believe. But people need to understand that this is a group of people who are who they are. That is a undeniable fact. People would not be choose to accept all this hate and misunderstanding simply to do it. It is WHO THEY ARE.

Secondly being able to mention LGBT issues does not undermine any academic focus. OH NO THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT GAY PEOPLE I CANT STUDY JEFFERSON OR STATS! And since when does knowing about LGBT issues open the door to “pro-homosexual and related conduct materials” whatever the hell those are. Does that mean hearing about gay people will make people talk about sexuality and stuff? Isn’t that kinda the point of Sex-Ed? So our kids know how everything works in order to give them the best information available? Oh that’s right some people are terrified of that and believe heterosexual abstinence only sex-ed is the best teaching method even though it hasn’t shown any proof towards lowering any sort of STI or pregnancy rate… ANYWHERE. “Oh man our teacher talked about gays in class. I kinda hope they continue doing it cause it sounds awesome and I kinda want to join.”(Fun fact:Pretty sure that’s not how gay works. It’s not a brainwashing group last time I checked. Maybe they are and I’m resistant to their awesome dressing, dope hairdos, and kick ass personalities much to the chagrin of those silly gays.)

Also why are there parents being upset about how their kids perform in school or parents blaming their kids friends for how their kids act if the Supreme Court held up that it was the parent’s right to “direct the moral upbringing and education is one of the most fundamental of all rights”? Are these parents shrugging off their right to other people? Take some damn responsibility for your lives. Public schools have a duty to provide an environment that is inclusive to EVERYONE. That is the point of PUBLIC is to include everyone not just what you believe. Teach your kids how you want and raise them how you want. They are your kids after all. A major part of living is to learn and decide your own views on things. Don’t blame the school because they want to look into being able to mention(not teach) that some people have different lifestyles. This could be detrimental to a child if they were LGBT or thought differently.

Finally the fact that someone could say this with a straight face “But what’s this I find in our schools as a potential role model? Dan Savage is a militant homosexual activist he seeks to end bullying by affirming and normalizing homosexuality. His method is to use shockingly obscene anti-christian hate rhetoric” To provide background Dan Savage and his husband started the It Gets Better Project in order to prevent suicide of LGBT teens by spreading the message that it gets better. For someone to call a person who tries to spread a hopeful message to other people in order to prevent suicide a “militant homosexual activist” just seems confusing to me. What about trying to help others makes something militant? Especially when the goal is prevent suicide? In that case let me complain about the National Suicide Hotline because its a militant pro-life group.

For more on this story and the people affected, see this article


rights and big business like oil and water?

Big business. That’s what we call the corporations. The companies that make millions of dollars selling things that the little people want. They are the Wall Street to our Main Street. You know the story.

There has been a discourse going on in this country since the beginning of the recession about big business and its interest in the well being of all people. But this doesn’t only mean economically, but it can apply human rights. Everything from having food and shelter to being treated equally within society.

This has come up receny with the recent controversy involving Target. It recently contributed $150,000 to a Minnesota based political group called Minnesota Forward. This group supports business friendly political candidates throughout the state (3 Republicans and 3 Democrats if you must know).

Fine right? Target wants its interests protected as a large business operating in the state. No.

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the pink elephant in the room

As you may have heard already Ricky Martin has revealed his homosexuality. Like Sean Hayes before him, he’s received mostly accrid reaction that goes something like “Duh. Were not stupid. What’s wrong with you?”

Its unfortunate to me because despite how “obvious” they were it was a big deal for them to do this as public faces and icons in their industry. Whether your 16 or 40, you should be lauded for the ability to recognize your sexuality, confirm it and own it. This can go for heterosexuals too I think.

Congratulations Ricky and Sean. We are proud to welcome you to our ever growing and increasingly proud ranks. Best of luck to you and your beautiful children.

on the razors edge

Courtesy of Austin&Levine. All rights belong to Adam Bouska Photography

I’ve noticed a pretty disturbing trend as of late. People seem to be a little angrier/more outspoken recently. Specifically, me and my friends have heard more homophobic slurs in the past month than we have heard in our whole lives. No joke.

My good friend has had an unfortunate bout of slurs directed at him recently. From near punching in the face to an actual glass of water in the face. A group had a man (with a pus covered lip) look at them and berate them for being ungodly abominations. Friday night, a man muttered “maricon” (F*g in Spanish) and then proceeded to ask us for change.

Whatever has causes this bout of anti-gay sentiment, only god knows. Hopefully it’s just people who are a little on edge about the healthcare bill. Hopefully (again) it ends soon and we can go back to being fabulously flamboyant without fear of physical or emotional harm. Here’s to a better April.

PS: I work with those two girls in the photo? Aren’t they amazing in this photo?!?

eating our words?

I mused upon DADT about two weeks ago, and agreed with the general consensus that the policy would not be tackled by the Pentagon or the Obama Administration for a while.

After President Obama’s State of the Union (I refuse to abbreviate that) it is now clearer that this policy could be ended by the end of 2010.

The Pentagon, lead by the Chiefs of Staff, have been contemplating the policy change for a while now but are really getting serious about the nuts and bolts of repeal.

Some of the pieces under discussion include benefits for spouses, hate crime policies and even the silly idea of separating the gay troops (an idea that most chiefs also think is silly).

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