The promise of the future and the reality of the present #NYPC2013

Yours truly and my NYPC2013 tablemates
Courtesy of the New York Press Club Foundation

This past Saturday, I attended the 21st annual New York Press Club Foundation Conference on Journalism. Though it it’s a fairly small gathering, it was a beautiful sight to see journalists young and old getting together to talk the profession. The theme was the potential of social media in reporting and disseminating the news. During the plenary session, there was talk of geotagging, crowdsourcing, and tweeting until an eager audience member had something to say. To a round of hardy applause, 60 year journalist veteran and WNBC senior correspondent Gabe Pressman made sure to remind all in attendance that no matter what technological innovations come around there is no replacement for old-fashioned, shoes on the ground journalism. Though it was easy for many of the younger digital natives in the room, including myself, to dismiss what seemed like the technophobic ramblings of an old blow-hard, he had a point. A point that came back throughout the rest of the conference.
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