favorite new food of right now

I picked up this grain blend on a whim at my local supermarket and it has turned out to be delicious, easy to make AND best of all…healthy. The bag holds enough for 2-4 servings depending how hungry you are slash what you’re eating it with. I highly recommend it as an alternative to rice but definitely not to pasta. Still working on the answer to that eternal question.


the war on fat kids

“Michelle Obama hates fat kids”. A short, silly quote that is actually fairly loaded. There’s s storm brewing and it is about your child’s arm rolls. Its not just the FLOTUS that dislikes fat kids. Nobody does. When older people are overweight, shame on them. When kids are overweight, shame on the parents.

Among the long list of legislative nuggets running through Congress is a bill aiming to curb childhood hunger while making foods available to our youth, healthier.

I know what you might think. “There go the Obama’s telling us what to do again”. Many might say “I should be allowed to do and eat what I please. Its a free country.”

Sometimes being too free can hurt yourself and others. More importantly it costs you money. Being overweight generally brings a load of health problems that run hundreds to thousands of dollars in health costs to you and the government.

The regulations under discussion look to be different than the “Jamie Oliver” brand of healthy which may have failed miserably.

The current plan calls for health-ifying current foods that kids love as well as broadening the choice of healthier drinks and snacks in machines. I haven’t actually read the legislation but I can only hope that there are pieces about portion control.

Unfortunately, this legislation won’t make any difference without two things.

1. Corporate America’s cooperation: If food companies don’t ride a wave of sentiment yearning for healthier foods, they won’t produce or advertise them. This is the number one thing that can influence the way we eat.

2. You: If we don’t understand the implications of overweightness in our society we aren’t going to do anything about it. We’ll continue to eat like nasty hungry pigs. We must learn balance, control and smart eating. “I won’t have that extra biscuit”, “It’s ok to eat a deep fried oreo, just not 10” or “This has less fat than this but this has more protein. Let me think…”

These are the only bodies we get. We must take care of them best we can while we’re here but learn to have fun and enjoy life.

checked in: beso restaurant

Last night, Tyler and I made our way on to the Staten Island Ferry (his idea) and decided to disembark. The words “Staten Island” conjure up images of this and this so we were both hesitant about what we would find.

We spotted Beso Restaurant out of the corner of our eyes and thought Spanish tapas sounded brilliant.

The prices were great and the atmosphere was awesome. I ordered the Sofrito, mussels served in a tomato/seafood broth with Spanish olives. The broth was not too salty or fishy and the olives were a great compliment to the mussels. I also had fried plantains. Enough said.

Tyler had the Flauta, stuffed with fried mushrooms and goat cheese. He found the cheese a bit overpowering but it was a nice compliment to the sauteed spinach and chickpeas he ordered.

Overall, the food was delicious. Perhaps the best part (not a bad thing) was the bread and the olive/garlic juice to dip it in. I DIED!!!

The portions were surprisingly large for tapas and we were both glad we didn’t order multiple tapas dishes. A tapas and a side are perfect!!! I thoroughly recommend Beso, that is if you have the guts to go to Staten Island.

gorkana discovery #2

My everyday job took me on a tastier adventure than the last one.

Zach Patton, of Washington DC, is a senior in college who spends his time as an Editor at 13th Floor of Governing.com as well as this side project.

Zach and his boyfriend, Clay, really enjoyed reading and cooking through food magazines and recently started this blog as a means to propel their reading while doing something they loved to do. The Bitten Word was born.

In it’s two years span, it has already been named one of the worlds 50 best food blogs by the London Times (jealous) and for good reason. Foodies beware, you will die.

See what all the fuss is about and make your way over to The Bitten Word.